4ft Double Rabbit Hutch + 6ft Downstairs Run

We specialise in bespoke rabbit hutch designs – we can make any hutch to your own design with a run any length you want. Just ask!


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Product Description

Made from redwood and exterior graded ply.
Comprises of three independent wooden sections which fit together! The rabbit hutch roof is removable to avail easier access to the rabbit hutches for cleaning. Includes a ramp ladder from the top rabbit hutch to the lower and again from the lower rabbit hutch to the rabbit hutch run! There is a hatchway in the rear of the lower rabbit hutch to get assess for cleaning this area.
There is also a doorway in the rabbit hutch run for access to the lawn area.
The rabbit hutch run gives optimum room for your pet to stretch its legs and also a larger natural feeding area. Ideal for larger pets or sharing! The rabbit hutch is a great size and provides generous living and sleeping space which is well sheltered at the rear of the rabbit hutch.

Options you can choose
A sliding door that can be fitted into the base that shuts off the rabbit hutch from the ramp. There is a nominal charge for this of £7.50. Just ask!
The rabbit hutch roof can be hinged at one side if you would like this. Includes a hasp and staple so as the rood can be locked down. It is only £6.95. Just ask!
A shelter can be placed in the rabbit hutch run so as to provide a safe area for you pet to hide if it is startled. Normally £34.95 but is reduced to £22.95 if purchased with your rabbit hutch. Just ask!

Total height from ground to rabbit hutch roof is 1450mm (57″)

Dimensions (approx).
rabbit hutches
H 413mm (16″)
Add further 200mm (8″) for internal rabbit hutch roof space
H 413mm (16″)
W 814mm (32″)
D 1220mm (48″)
rabbit hutch run
H 430mm (17″)
W 840mm (33″)
D 1810mm (71″)


Roof/Hutch CladSwedish Redwood
Run/FramesSwedish/Russian Redwood
Plywood Bases & DoorsExterior grade
ScrewsZinc plated/Black Japan
PreservativeTeak water based (non toxic)
Hinges/Turn buttonsBlack Japan

Pressure Treatment Options

For maximum protection, we can tanalise your product (a form of pressure treatment) to help give you up to 10 years without the worry from dry rot and normal decay typical to all outdoor wooden furniture. Click here to find out more.


All our products are finished with a Teak water based (non toxic) preservative. The timber should be re-coated with an equivalent preservative every year to ensure the maximum life span of the product.

Oil based coatings are the best as they tend to repel water before it penetrates the timber fibers.

Re-coating is best undertaken on a warm dry day or even better after a dry spell when the timber has had time to dry enough to absorb the coating you are applying.

Additional Protection

Here’s a bit of a tip – get yourself an atomizer spray!