British Giant Double Hutch (Winterised)


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Product Description

Dimensions (approx.)
Rabbit Hutch (excluding the legs)

H Lower hutch 510mm (21″)

H Upper Hutch 510mm (21″) Add up to 150mm (6″) with the roof on

H Total height 1220mm (48”) excluding feet

W 1830mm (72”)
D 635mm (25”)


British Giant Double Hutch (Winterised)

For breeds such as French Lops – British Giant – Flemish Giant etc…Made from redwood and exterior graded ply. Comprises of two independent wooden sections which fit together. The rabbit hutch roof is fully lined on the inside with a breathable waterproof membrane. It is also totally removable to avail easier access to the rabbit hutch upper level for cleaning.

The top rabbit hutch has an internal divider to section off the upper left hand side of the rabbit hutch as a sleeping area. This is accessed through a pop hole. On the right hand side there is a ramp which leads down to the lower level.

The upper wire door on the right has been fitted with a winterising panel and the upper centre fixed wire portion also. This allows the upper level of the hutch to be fully closed off from inclement weather but the flexibility to open them up to allow maximum light and ventilation during the day. When these panels are in  place it will provide extra warmth of a night time and also if all in place will provide the maximum security for your pets.
Additional panel (for the lower middle section) is  £16.25 each. Just tick the winter panel option on ordering

The rabbit hutch box sits on four small legs. The height off the ground is normally around 150mm (6″)  This is a spacious rabbit hutch designed for a large pet. It is based on the RSPCA specifications and PDSA recommendations for the British Giant Rabbit. Can be upgraded to include a rabbit hutch run. Just ask!

Sliding Door Kit. A sliding door can be fitted to the upper floor so as to block off access to the ramp. E.g. When closed you can confine you bunny upstairs or downstairs. Cost £7.50

Hinged Rabbit Hutch Roof Kit. The rabbit hutch roof can be hinged at the rear so that it will open and close like a lid.  It has a bonnet like stay to keep it up and a hasp and staple at the front so you can lock the rabbit hutch roof closed! Cost £9.95
The dimensions below are the basic hutch  measurements only and do not account for when the roof is in place which will add much more height internally to the upper hutch. Up to 150mm (6″).


Part Details
Roof/Hutch Clad Swedish Redwood
Run/Frames Swedish/Russian Redwood
Plywood Bases & Doors Exterior grade
Nails Galvanized
Screws Zinc plated/Black Japan
Preservative Teak water based (non toxic)
Hinges/Turn buttons Black Japan

Pressure Treatment Options

For maximum protection, we can tanalise your product (a form of pressure treatment) to help give you up to 10 years without the worry from dry rot and normal decay typical to all outdoor wooden furniture. Click here to find out more.


All our products are finished with a Teak water based (non toxic) preservative. The timber should be re-coated with an equivalent preservative every year to ensure the maximum life span of the product.

Oil based coatings are the best as they tend to repel water before it penetrates the timber fibers.

Re-coating is best undertaken on a warm dry day or even better after a dry spell when the timber has had time to dry enough to absorb the coating you are applying.

Additional Protection

Here’s a bit of a tip – get yourself an atomizer spray!

Get yourself an atomizer spray – the sort you do your indoor plant leaves with. Most DIY shops sell what’s called a waterproofing agent. Thompson’s Water seal is a brand name but “B&Q” do their own brand.

Fill the atomizer with it and spray over the external surfaces of the product a couple of times a year. It’s really quick and easy. Don’t forget to wear appropriate mask and gloves. Follow the Health and safety instructions on the container.

We do not use couriers to deliver our products as we believe in a total service from construction to meeting our customers face to face. There is a delivery charge of £18.50 per total order whether your order is 1 or 100 items (applies to UK mainland only – certain areas will incur an additional fee). This payment includes assembly and a final silicone treatment after your product is completed, for additional protection against the elements.

Please note the optional tantalizing process may delay your expected delivery date.

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