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1.2m X 380mm Ornamental Garden Bridge Platform1.2m X 380mm Ornamental Garden Bridge Platform

We specialise in bespoke garden bridge designs – we can make any garden bridge to your own design. Just ask!

1.2m X 410mm Ornamental Garden Bridge1.2m X 410mm Ornamental Garden Bridge

We specialise in bespoke garden bridge designs – we can make any garden bridge to your own design. Just ask!


Ornamental Bridges & Footbridges for Your Garden

Wooden garden bridges are a lovely addition to any landscape and with prices starting from only £49.99 they are much more attainable than might be expected. At Garden Woodcraft we have four customisable garden bridge designs to choose from, so we are sure you will find what you are looking for: from small garden bridges for ornamental purposes, to large walkway bridges for gardens with plenty of room to spare.

Ponds are a traditional part of a British garden and although times, tastes and landscaping fashions have changed, the bridge remains a remarkable and functional focal point for our enjoyment.

Whether to walk over or to use as a platform for garden ornaments, they are that something extra special that gardeners often overlook as a luxury beyond their means. Our designs are classic – allowing compatibility with any style of garden from the contemporary to the experimental and Japanese garden and all of our designs and finishes can be customised to suit your needs.

Like water gardens, bridge gardens have a stately and rather exotic affect without being overstated, especially when built from wood. Garden bridges of any size require specialist expertise for lasting results, particularly if they are to serve as a part of a garden walkway or to span water, and undertaking to build a garden bridge for yourself may end in disappointment and unnecessary expense, even with a simple ornamental garden bridge. UK company, Garden Woodcraft has a reputation spanning over 30 years.

You can buy garden bridges online, from our leading garden furniture shop, with the peace of mind that you are buying an exceptional item, handmade and delivered personally by our carpenters, who will assemble your bridge on delivery.

*Please note that our range of Ornamental Bridges and Ornamental bridge platforms are for ornamental purposes only. We do not recommend that they are used as a means of passage. Persons crossing do so at their own risk. Please see our range of walk bridges which are specifically designed for this purpose.