Add optional extras to your product, including a sliding door, hinged roof, or give your pet extra protection for the winter months. Please note: It is up to you to indicate the quantity of each individual item when placing your order, which will vary depending upon the hutch model you are ordering, so please double check!

A sliding door can be fitted to the upper floor so as to block off access to the ramp. When the door is closed, you can confine your bunny upstairs or downstairs.

For hutch models that have more than one storey, multiple kits can be purchased to isolate each hutch level (wherever there is a ramp), in addition to restricting access to the run underneath.

This is especially useful if you want to temporarily separate male and female rabbits, so they can each have their own hutch space.

The rabbit hutch roof can be hinged at the rear so that it will open and close like a lid. It has a bonnet-like stay to keep it up, and a hasp and staple at the front so you can lock the roof closed!

All solid doors have a tower bolt fitted. However you can have this bolt upgraded to a lockable version which will accommodate a padlock.

Winter Proofing Panels can be fitted to cover the upper and lower center wire panels, and also the two wire doors. These are simply matching boarded panels that clip in or out as desired. You can opt to have one, two, three or all four (depending on your hutch). Where fitted, they will keep out inclement or winter weather. They will provide extra warmth of a night time, and with all in place they will provide the maximum security for your pets – especially if you have predatory animals about.

Please note: the price listed is for each individual panel. It is up to you to select how many panels you wish to purchase for your chosen hutch before proceeding to checkout, so please double check!

A Central Door Conversion Kit can convert any central fixed wire panel to a wire door. Although you can reach into this area through either of the end doors, the additional kit will allow fuller access to the middle area of the hutch.

A rabbit hideaway shelter can be placed in the rabbit hutch run to provide additional shelter and also a safe area for your pet to hide if it is startled. The hideaway allows rabbits to feel safe and reassured by encouraging the natural behaviour to escape and hide, within the security of a rabbit run. They should be provided in addition to rabbits’ main shelter (e.g. hutch and hutch run). The shelters are normally £34.95, but can be bought at the reduced price of £22.95 if purchased with your rabbit hutch or run order.

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