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Large Dog KennelLarge Dog Kennel

All dog kennel doors made to measure – just ask!

Small Dog KennelSmall Dog Kennel

All dog kennel doors made to measure – just ask!


Stylish and Comfortable Handmade Wooden Dog Kennels

In addition to the aviaries, rabbit hutches, bird tables and garden bridges, we also offer a range of stylish and practical wooden dog kennels for dogs, cats and other pets that might require shelter either as part of an outdoor kennel and run set-up or just a place to go while you are at work or sleeping and unable to immediately let them back indoors. Our selection of small, medium and large dog kennels are built to designs similar to our rabbit hutch plans, where the kennel plans include the same basic features of raised bases and a detachable roof to aid cleaning, plus an overhang over the entrance, for extra protection against the wind and rain.

While plastic dog kennels often seem like a convenient and cheap dog kennel solution, wood had the advantage of being an insulating material, and so provides better protection for your pet, while additionally looking stylish and more natural in a garden setting.

Our range of inexpensive handmade dog kennels are built on two sections of timber and raised off the ground to prevent rising damp from rotting the wood and so keeping the dog’s kennel dry and hygienic, while also enabling ventilation to the underneath of the floor panel.

As with all of our products, we use only quality timber and hold a high standard of finish for our dog kennels. We have a reputation spanning over 30 years.

You can buy any of our dog kennels with the peace of mind that you are buying an exceptional item, handmade and delivered personally by our carpenters, who will assemble your bird table on delivery.

These kennels could potentially form a dog kennel and run combination if bought in conjunction with aviary panels, the other runs available at Garden Woodcraft could serve equally well as dog kennel runs, as a small dog pen or for use with other smaller animals.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss these application possibilities in further detail.