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Wooden Duck Pens & Goose Houses

Duck pens come on all shapes and sizes. However there are a few basic principles on which a good choice is made. This starts with size and of course this will relate to how many ducks you are intending to keep. Remember that it is always better to plan ahead and if you are thinking about starting with a few birds but with a view to increasing the numbers at some point, it will be easier to think in the longer term rather than trying to extend at a later date. Especially in terms of the Duck House. Domestic Ducks don’t fly and are happy to waddle around the garden as long as it is safe from the neighbours dog and such like. However they can be vulnerable to many predators so they need to be secured in a pen at night. Predators can come from the sky too so it is always best to ensure that the pen has a wire or other protective cover on it. The best type of floor on the pen is probably some sort of hard standing such as concrete or flagged. This not only makes it much easier to clean but also prevents burrowing predators from coming up into the pen.

When considering concrete make sure that it is finished to a smooth surface so as to protect the ducks feet. Ideal bedding would be such material as straw. A really good idea would be to have a roof constructed over the pen as the ducts like to lay their abdomen on a dry surface otherwise the bedding must be changed regularly otherwise it invites mold spores to germinate in the fibers and this can caused cause health problems for the birds. A covered per also allows you to put food out and it will remain protected from the weather.
Ideally the wire on the pen enclosure should be smaller in terms of spaces between the wires and therefore an aviary specification wire would be best as this provides gaps of 12mm x 25mm (1/2″ x 1″) This will prevent such animals as Raccoons from reaching in. These animals can cause deep wounds from long and sharp claws.

Most Duck Houses have wooden floors and although they can get a bit messy, they do provide plenty of thermal warmth and when the worst comes to the worst are replaceable for minimal expense. Garden Woodcraft has a slide in panel so it is always accessible.

Your Duck Pen should be a secure place and therefore all external doors and venting should be secure and lockable. Venting should be adequate but not able to allow rodents into the house. A variable venting system has many advantages not least that it can be closed if need be in very inclement weather. Remember houses need a good circulation of air but without draughts. Having a Duck House that has a completely removable roof has many advantages, least of all will avail easy access for that major cleanout.

Bespoke Pen Enclosures
The best plan is to have something designed for you. Garden Woodcraft specialise in bespoke Duck Pens. Many people think that it will cost the earth to have something purpose built but if you are dealing with a good manufacturer then most things can be accommodated without a song and a dance. The other great advantage in dealing directly with a manufacturer is that replacement panels due to damage, general upgrades and other remedies are possible to achieve.