6ft Giant Rabbit Hutches
Timber For A Rabbit Hutch – Is Pressure Treated Wood Safe For Rabbits To Chew?
Timber For A Rabbit Hutch – Is Pressure Treated Wood Safe For Rabbits To Chew?
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4ft Large Double Hutch on 4ft Run4ft Large Double Hutch on 4ft Run

A spacious outdoor 4ft double rabbit hutch for sale, includes a large downstairs outdoor run area. Made in the UK and built to last.

4ft Large Double Rabbit hutch4ft Large Double Rabbit hutch

A spacious outdoor rabbit hutch and run UK made. Includes an insulated hutch roof. Made in the UK and built to last.

Extra Large British Double Rabbit Hutch on 8ft RunExtra Large British Double Rabbit Hutch on 8ft Run

We specialise in bespoke rabbit hutch designs – we can make any hutch to your own design with a run any length you want. Just ask!

Extra Large 4ft British Giant Double Rabbit Hutch on 8ft RunExtra Large 4ft British Giant Double Rabbit Hutch on 8ft Run

We specialise in bespoke rabbit hutch designs – we can make any hutch to your own design with a run any length you want. Just ask!


Buying your first hutch? Beware of cheap, flat-pack hutches!

Advantages of our large hutches

[icon name=”thumbs-up”] Extremely robust and long lasting.
[icon name=”thumbs-up”] 1st class build quality and materials.
[icon name=”thumbs-up”] Weatherproof with a waterproof roof membrane.
[icon name=”thumbs-up”] Up to 10+ years maintenance free*.
[icon name=”thumbs-up”] Handmade in UK and built to last.
[icon name=”thumbs-up”] Fully assembled delivery for you at your home.
[icon name=”thumbs-up”] We use reinforced weld mesh wire panels.
[icon name=”thumbs-up”] Removable or hinged roofs for cleaning and access.
[icon name=”thumbs-up”] We can supply any replacement part individually.
[icon name=”thumbs-up”] We have excellent reviews for our personal service.
[icon name=”thumbs-up”] There’s nothing to pay until it’s delivered.

Dangers of flat-pack hutches

[icon name=”thumbs-down”] Factory made with budget wood, glue required!
[icon name=”thumbs-down”] Rabbits eat soft, cheap appetising wood (often toxic).
[icon name=”thumbs-down”] Do not withstand weather, will only last indoors.
[icon name=”thumbs-down”] Typically have to be replaced every 1-2 years.
[icon name=”thumbs-down”] Made in China at a low price for flat pack construction.
[icon name=”thumbs-down”] Soft, low-cost wood typically cracks on DIY assembly.
[icon name=”thumbs-down”] Flat pack wire panels easily compromised by predators.
[icon name=”thumbs-down”] Fixed roofs with flimsy pull out cleaning trays.
[icon name=”thumbs-down”] Obtaining spare parts requires replacing entire hutch.
[icon name=”thumbs-down”] Amazon full of 1-star reviews for flat-pack hutches.
[icon name=”thumbs-down”] Upfront payment required (before your refund)!

What to consider when buying an outdoor rabbit hutch

If you are looking for a new outdoor rabbit hutch, a large rabbit hutch and run combo, or just looking for rabbit housing requirements – you have come to the right place! At Garden Woodcraft, all of our rabbit hutch designs are based on what matters most to your bunny: size for room to hop and play, predator proofing for a secure predator safe environment, bunny proofing for piece of mind, and weatherproofing (waterproofing and winter proofing) to keep your bunny warm outside in winter!

Our large hutches meet all rabbit housing requirements and RSPCA rabbit hutch size guidelines

Most flat pack bought rabbit housing is now considered totally inadequate. RSPCA and RWAF (A Hutch is Not Enough – Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF)) hutch standards now insist that you should ideally be looking for a 5ft outdoor rabbit hutch for a single rabbit, or since rabbits hate being lonely, a 6ft rabbit hutch for 2 rabbits is best. If you are looking for a rabbit hutch for 3 rabbits, our runs can be extended to 8ft, 10ft or 12ft!

Our hutches keep rabbits warm outside in winter

All of our larger rabbit hutches offer winter upgrades should you wish to convert yours to a more suitable cold weather rabbit hutch. Our unique roof design has a built in air-gap, making it the only outdoor insulated rabbit hutch available on the market. The roof also has a large overhang so rain doesn’t enter into the hutch – and also provides ideal summer shading – no need for clear plastic sheets and tarpaulins!

Make sure its fox proof, and predator safe!

Our winter proofing panels also provide unparalleled predator (fox) proofing. When fitted, they make sure that a fox could neither dig or tear its way in. Our range also include rabbit hutch locks for extra security, so access into the hutch is restricted by either a bolt lock or latch plus turn-buttons as standard. Some rabbits are also incredible diggers, so we recommend our outdoor rabbit runs to be set on concrete or patio, which are more secure, and can be swept and cleaned much easier! For gardens, our runs can be upgraded to include PVC coated wire mesh base panels for additional piece of mind!

Our large rabbit hutches include as standard:

  • A waterproof roof with insulation for the outdoors
  • Rabbit hutch locks for extra security
  • RSPCA, PDSA and RWFA recommended living space
  • Removable internal dividers
  • A predator safe design
  • Lockable bolt locks + latches
  • Cold weather and winterising options
  • Heavy duty – manufactured in the UK and built to last! (custom built rabbit hutches also available).
  • A fully assembled rabbit hutch delivery service!

We offer a range of buildable rabbit hutch designs handmade from quality timber and treated for durability against the elements while still ensuring a safe environment for your pets. We deliver and assemble in person, so you can rest assured that you are getting a complete service and the personal attention that is so often missing when you buy online.

*with pressure treatment added.