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English Giant 8ft x 5ft Rabbit RunEnglish Giant 8ft x 5ft Rabbit Run

We specialise in bespoke rabbit hutch designs – we can make the rabbit run any length you want. Just ask!


Our Quality Wooden Rabbit Runs

Although rabbit hutches with runs are available for purchase with our rabbit hutches, here at Garden Woodcraft, we also have a selection of outdoor rabbit runs for sale separately – ideal for portability or to use in conjunction with existing rabbit hutches and runs. Rabbits run great distances at high speed if allowed, and although this is not always ideal in a domestic setting, extra large rabbit runs are a good compromise and allow your pet plenty of room for exercise.

We sell four standard sizes of our wooden rabbit runs from the large 4 ft run to the small rabbit run of only 1ft in length for use as an extension or for a hamster or guinea pig. Rabbit runs can be used in isolation, or, with a little help from us on delivery, if needed, attached to other hutch and run layouts, perhaps to form huge rabbit runs in tandem.

Garden Woodcraft is a long-established builder of handmade garden furniture and luxury pet homes; from rabbit hutches, runs and aviaries to garden bridges and bird baths. Our fox-proof rabbit runs are made to exceptional standards by hand, so that we can guarantee only a product of fantastic quality will reach you.

We use quality treated timber for style and durability against the elements, while still ensuring a safe environment for your pets. Our carpenters deliver and assemble in person, so you can rest assured that you are getting a complete service and that personal attention that is often missing when you buy online.