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Pressure Treatment for your Rabbit Hutch – is it worth it, and is it safe?

What is pressure treatment?

Pressure treatment for wood (often referred to as Tanalising) is a form of  treatment to help give any product that is treated up to 10 years without the worry from dry rot and normal decay typical to all outdoor wooden furniture.

How does pressure treatment work?

Your product will be packed and shipped to a treatment plant, loaded on a train carriage and rolled into a pressure tank (similar to rolling it into the end of a submarine). The hatch is closed and the whole tank is filled with preservative under immense pressure. This pressure (around 180lbs psi) ensures that the preservative is pumped deep into the layers of the timber. There is no other way to do this.

The treatment comes in two colours. Green and Brown.

Is pressure treatment safe for animals and rabbits?

Some times you often hear fellow pet owners recommend things like, “I wouldn’t buy any rabbit housing pressure treated as none are safe for rabbits if they chew it.

Years ago all pressure treatment chemicals had an arsenic element in it. Even by law, you were not able to collect timber from treatment centers until 3 days had elapsed after the timber had come out of the treatment tanks, as it had to dry for that period.

These days the harmful arsenic chemicals used within the pressure treatment process have been made illegal under EU legislation, and are therefore banned for use within the UK.

Should I have my rabbit hutch pressure treated?

There is one very big reason. You have just invested quite a bit of money on your hutch, so it makes sense to get the longest life span from it. Pressure treating (or tanalising) will insure that, no matter what. Your hutch will last for years and years, and if you don’t get out there to re-coat it regularly, it won’t make a difference to its life.

The only reason you might occasionally re-coat it is that all timber will turn a silvery colour as it ages. All timber does this – no matter what.

So your efforts might simply be to want to keep it matching the general colour scheme of your garden.

The costs of the treatment are an option on your purchase page. The price is what it costs us to get it processed, and no more. We simply pass this cost on to you.

Trust us – it will save you money in the long run and save you a whole pile of time each year recoating it.

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